About Us

Advice Study Abroad Abroad Education Consultancy Inc. is an international education consultancy firm based in Istanbul. Founder of Advice Study Abroad are prominent of study abroad education industry and they have gathered 10 years of their experinces under the roof of Advice Study Abroad company for our valuable students.

Advice Study Abroad is filling the blanks in the education sector with educators' consciousness to provide best service for respectful students and their parents. Advice Study Abroad is an overseas education consultancy company that embraces the principles of service quality and customer satisfaction, and continues to provide its employees and stakeholders with the awareness of these principles and the awareness of being an educator.

As the Advice Study Abroad, our goal is to provide the best guidance and counseling services to our students who want to study for a better future and career through hundreds of schools and thousands of programs. Advice Study Abroad offers a wide range of services to our students as follows;

* Language Schools
* University Placements
* Master Placements
* Certificate Programs
* Internship
* Summer schools (10-17 age)
* Work and Travel USA
* High School Exchange
* High School Placements

Our team

Ömer Anıl Yeşilot

Director of International Operations

Buse Melike Cengiz

Education Consultant

Ece Büşra Türkmen

Education Consultant

Esra Akpınar

Education Consultant

Harun Teke

Director of International Operations

İlkin Kirman

Exchange Program Specialist

Furkan Yağışman

Exchange Program Specialist

Kenza Saadi

English Interviewer

Meltem Şengül


Onur Cem Yüce

Exchange Program Specialist

Orhan Gönen

Informatıon Technology

Ömer Özer Ardıç

Director of International Operations

Ömer Faruk Güneş

Education Consultant

Recep Özdemir

Videographer & Social Media Manager

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